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Two years ago, my good friend Nova disappeared. I need help to find her. I fear she may be in serious danger.

The last time I saw Nova was in a pub in Dubrovnik. She and I met there during the war and were revisiting happy times between us. She told me she was working on a bizaare story. Her source was a hacker in Switzerland known only as Polly Peptide (sic). I thought it was a hoax and laughed. Nova wasn't enjoying the joke because the story involves a group of her college friends which is just another reason I say it is bizarre. After a few great days together, I left for Israel, and Nova headed to Switzerland. That was the last time I saw her. Nobody at the UN or her editors has heard from her either.

Lately, I have begun to recieve a lot of strange files to my secure server site in the Phillipines. This data tells a story that sounds suspicoulsy like the story Nova was working on. I'm posting all the information as I get it in the hopes someone can help me find Nova.

If you have any information regarding these events or if you know any of these people, please write me: friend@xozone.com.

Here is what I know so far ....